Run_Time is the artistic name under which Vince Notardonato produces music.
Vince was born in Italy in 1964 and started play keyboards at the age of 10.
From the early 80’s to the mid 80’s he played with some friends at various local events doing Santana, Iron Butterfly and Deep Purple covers among other and  local folk tunes.
His first album he ever bought was Pink Floyd Animals. That great British band has influenced his style music ever since, along with Yes, Genesis, Deep Purple, Giorgio Moroder. Of the “newer artists” some of his favorites are Depeche Mode and Widespread Panic.

He moved to Chicago in 1990 and started a career in the trading world at one of the city’s exchanges. To this day it is primary activity.
For many years making music became a secondary thought as the busy day to day life took over,however, the desire to seriously getting into music never went away.
In 2010 he decided to get into it again by taking advantage of some of the latest technology that in the meantime had become available.
All the music for the current album “Hydra” has been composed at his home studio using an M-Audio keyboard and Acoustica Mixcraft and each track, whether is an organ solo, a bass riff, a synth part etc, is solely produced by him.

Hopefully listeners will appreciate his style which tends to combine the old classic rock with a more modern twist.

Current home is Las Vegas.

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